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Kimberley Palmer: Fit Model Agent and Industry Expert

Kimberley Palmer - Fit Model Agent and Industry Expert

About Me

I trained as an actress at Italia Conti and over the years dabbled in acting. With various resting jobs in between I ended up working as a Fit and Showroom Model for different companies on the high street. Designers and buyers use Fit Models to try on their garments before they go into production. Fit Models have to correspond to a brand’s customer profile – and need to maintain their body measurements. Becoming a Fit Model actually ‘cured’ me of my personal body image problems and made me realise I could be a model with 'realistic' body measurements. I’ve now set up my own agency and supply models to designers and the high street retailers.

Areas of Expertise & Keywords

Sports, Fitness & Olympics, Fashion & Beauty, Fit model industry, Fit models, Model Agent, Model agency, beginners Modelling, Womens dress sizes, Body Image, Dress sizes

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