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Dr Sarah Main: Molecular Scientist: The Human Body

Dr Sarah Main - Molecular Scientist: The Human Body

About Me

I am a Jamie Oliver of science, a Brian Cox of biology. Friendly and engaging with 10 years research in cancer cells, DNA and viruses, I address the molecular biology behind what affects our lives and lifestyles: cancer risks, food, stem cells, vaccines, complementary therapies and more. I can show the wonder in the science behind the everyday. I can also comment on science issues in political stories in my capacity as director of leading science lobby group, CaSE.

Areas of Expertise & Keywords

Health & Wellbeing, Science & Technology, Science, science and lifestyle, stem cells, cancer biology, cancer risks, cells, molecules, food, chemicals, biology, DNA, viruses, baby science, vaccines, health, health risks, health choices and decisions, complementary therapies, science in the news, science and politics, science in the media, female UK scientist, medical research, science that saves lives, science and engineering, campaigning for science

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